Free the heel and try telemarking.

Private lessons for beginners through to expert. All terrain and Off-Piste coaching. A great opportunity to try something new. In fact it's the original method of skiing and is also a great way to improve elements of ones Alpine skiing. The movement pattern is all about fluidity and core body strength

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A Shore way to put a smile on your face

My husband and I booked Olly for 3 x half days Telemark instruction. Olly has a very relaxed approach to teaching and you can't help feel his zen vibe on the slopes. My telemarking improved a lot.
My style balance and rhythm progressed with Olly's focused hints and tips. There is no doubt that he is an accomplished telemark skier and we had a lot of fun. If you are a beginner or intermediate telemark skier, I would highly recommend spending some time with Olly - you won't regret it

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